Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Scottish Women's Hospital

Index of Names

I've recently transcribed and added to my website an index of women, and a few men, who served with the Scottish Women's Hospital during the Great War. It includes their role, unit, and dates of service, but no details or history of the units themselves at present - perhaps that will come later. However, there is a good deal of information about the SWH on the web, and further reading in a range of books, most available through library loan, for those wanting to find out more. The pages can be accessed here:

Scottish Women's Hospital Index of Names

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Army Nursing in 1893

With so few original sources available it's not easy to piece together the details of an army nurse's life prior to the Great War (and pretty difficult even then). I've recently been reading through some documents at The National Archives, and found War Office reports on the army medical and nursing services which were published in 1893 and 1901. They're reported verbatim, which really brings them to life, and an interesting picture emerges of hospital life more than a century ago. I've put some extracts on my website, and the page can be found here:

A Snapshot of the Service, 1893