Sunday, 23 January 2011

Head down and work

I remember reading on a 'Guide to Good Blogging' some time ago, that if you don't post anything for a long time, just let your readers know what you're up to that's getting in the way. In my case, it's the Royal Red Cross Register. As I've already mentioned it rather a lot of times, it might get boring to drone on and on about it, but it is taking up quite a lot of my time at present. I thought I might lose interest along the way, but there are lots of themes running through it, and plenty to ponder on and learn from. I've completed two volumes, and am now on page 154 of the 400 that make up volume three. So two world wars finished now, and going into the period of 'You've never had it so good.' There are one of two things that seem so fascinating to me that I will add more about them soon, but until then I'll try to think of something else to bang on about!