Thursday, 17 May 2012

Royal Red Cross Register

The Royal Red Cross Register which is held at The National Archives is made up of three well used volumes, the first of which is in increasingly frail condition.  Over the past year or two I've transcribed all the relevant detail from the three volumes, and it can now be searched, by name, at FindMyPast - here:


The only details that are not reproduced in this transcription are the various correspondence references which are no longer traceable, and the original cuttings from the London Gazette. References to the latter are given on FindMyPast, and they can then be easily found by a search of the online edition here:

London Gazette search


  1. Hi Sue - I don't suppose you have come across anything about the hospital at Morden Hall in London, a stately home which was used as a hospital from 1915/16? There's next to nothing available in the obvious archives, as far as I can see. Many thanks, Louise

    1. Most of what I know is just from the web - the 'Lost Hospitals of London' website. My figures from the War Office agree with it having 99 beds, but there's little surviving information for the majority of these hospitals and I tend to think that if there's not much in local archives, it's unlikely anything survives elsewhere.