Monday, 8 August 2011

Military hospitals 1917

I've recently completed a database of all the hospitals that were caring for military personnel in the autumn of 1917, and thought it might be helpful to add some of this information to my Scarletfinders website. The database is quite detailed, so not easy to put all of that on the site - both author and readers would lose the will to live I think - but I've added the names of all 2,500 hospitals with at least the town they were situated in (or more correctly 'in which they were situated'!). Hopefully it will come in useful for someone. The new pages start here:

UK military hospitals 1917

I'm collecting quite a few photos of these hospitals now - some were in very grand buildings - and will add some here soon.


  1. Hi I am gathering information on all Bradford Hospitals that treated wounded soldiers and would be interested to compare notes. I will be producing a fact sheet on these hospitals as part of my project

  2. Thanks (is it Kathryn?) - email me via the link on my profile page (right-hand menu).