Monday 20 June 2011

The Superwoman

From the magazine of the 4th London General Hospital (King's College Hospital)

Friday 17 June 2011

Not nurses, but ...

I've recently been adding some transcripts of Great War articles to my web site - not nursing, but either connected round the edges to hospitals, or to women's war work in general. I've tried to find some areas that are poorly understood, but which add background information to other more popular wartime subjects. One of them, which must have been written by a rather patronising man, concerns women's work at the War Office, and contains some alarming lines such as:

... whether they are capable of seeing through complex problems it is difficult to judge ...

... As a whole, women's work is inferior to that of men, but against this has to be put the fact that at present they are in their infancy as far as public and office life is concerned ...

But at least interesting to find some mention of these women in print! The full article is here:

Women in the War Office

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Nurses in India

There's a very useful page on the FIBIS website (Families in British India Society) on nurses and nurses in India, both civil and military. It gives exact references for many of the relevant documents both at The National Archives (Kew) and the British Library, as well as trails to follow in other libraries and archives. It's a subject that is very under-researched, probably because of a lack of source material, but this page is a great help to family historians and others trying to find nurses in India.

Nurses in India