Monday 30 July 2012

Our Girls in Wartime

Three years ago I added some images from 'Our Hospital ABC' here:

Our Hospital ABC

and was lucky enough recently to find a copy of its sister publication 'Our Girls in Wartime,' again with pictures by Joyce Dennys and rhymes by Hampden Gordon. So here are a couple of the pages with their rhymes:


Martha, a Munition-maker
Manufactures shells
Martha's Father is a baker:
Cakes are what HE sells.
Martha swears the shells she makes
Do more damage than his cakes ...


Miranda mixed with all the Nobs;
Her Depot made a million swabs
(War Hospital Supply).
'It was the good hard work,' she said
'That turned my hair this vivid red.
Never, my dears, say dye.'



  1. I love the artwork in the book. Were there any more pictures Sue?

  2. Yes, there are twenty-six double page spreads in each book (Hospital ABC and Our Girls in Wartime)with a verse on one side and picture on the other. I'll try and scan some more soon and either put them here or add them as a set on Flickr

  3. I'll look forward to seeing them Sue. I noticed the images each time I edited my blog because your blog showed up on the foot of that page and I kept meaning to ask about them